System Design and Integration

Think of us as an extension of your engineering team

An system design and integration engineer working on a piece of integrated hardware in 3D software

HIPER Global provides value-added computer system design and integration services to enable OEMs and ISVs to deliver integrated hardware and software solutions to their customers.

We work alongside your engineering teams to design systems that can be built faster and less costly, whilst reducing the risks that come with an under- or over-engineering hardware configuration. Our hardware design expertise includes:

  • Branding and white labelling
  • Chassis design
  • First article inspection
  • Hardware platform definition
  • Mechanical research and development
  • OS installation
  • Proof of concepts and prototyping
  • Situation analysis
  • Software and IP-specific product design

Our design engineers and solution architects have decades of hardware platform experience and are here to ensure you get more than just the right product but the best possible solution.

For more information about our services and products please reach out to our Sales Team.