Test and Measurement

Precision equipment for high-demand applications

Our test and measurement platforms are built with the latest CompactPCI and PXI technologies, and can provide precision results for a wide spectrum of industries including electronics, FMCG, energy and utilities, healthcare, automotive, and defence.

PXI technologies allow us to create highly configurable solutions that are engineered for test and measurement applications. HIPER Global engineers can bring together a unique combination of components, deploying high-performance hardware that can scale to your needs, synchronise across sites, and deliver accurate and high frequency data, all to industry standards.

A break-down of a CompactPCI / PXI system from HIPER Global, including the benefits they can bring for test and measurement applications

Test and Measurement – controllers and boards

Our controllers are equipped with an extensive range of configurable features including integrated CPUs, storage, memory, ethernet, and a range of I/O and connectivity options.

Powered by the latest Intel® processors and available preconfigured with a suite of OS and software options, we can provide a compact, rugged, and in-chassis solution for your PXIe needs.

We continue to expand our portfolio of PXI modules at HIPER global, sourcing high-speed and high-bandwidth technologies for any application, performance requirements, and testing environment, including:

  • Analog and digital I/O
  • Digitisers
  • Interface modules
  • Multimeters
  • Signal analysers and generators
  • Switches
  • Video/audio capture
A high-performance PXIe card from HIPER Global


Modular chassis are available in both desktop PXI and rack-mount PXIe options with a variety of footprints, depths, and slot counts.

All chassis feature an integrated cooling solution for optimal air flow, reduced fan noise, and improved trigger accuracy for higher data quality.

Controllers and modules are front-accessible for unhindered access, easy customisation, and reduced maintenance times.

A PXIe chassis from HIPER Global

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