IT Infrastructure

Rack integrations for the most demanding applications

IT infrastructure and server rack integration performed by an engineer

Our team have decades of experience in designing IT infrastructure and high-performance server rack platforms for a variety of market verticals and environments. HIPER Global can provide everything you need to get started, from rack integration for data centre infrastructure to rugged mobile servers for portability in the field.

We keep costs low by offering integration at different levels. Our engineers can help with everything from standard population builds to high-volume productions.

Full-height Rack Integrations

Built with enterprise-grade hardware, we engineer and integrate our racks for specific environments and applications, including those with strict thermal, liquid, power, vibration, and shock requirements. We offer a single source and route to market, guaranteeing best-in-class infrastructure for private clouds, compute clusters, and software-defined systems.

Half-height Rack Integrations

For those requiring less equipment or have strict space limitations, we can provide half-height platforms that provide all of the functionality in a more compact form factor. Similar to our full-height systems, our engineers take of everything including cabling, cooling, security, and access so you can get up and running quickly and easily.

Mobile Platforms

Built within added shock and vibration protections; our mobile racks are ideal for those applications that require portability without hindering performance. We optimise every mobile rack for size, weight, and power to ensure maximum portability and performance wherever it goes.

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