OEM Manufacturing

Improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase profitability

A diverse group of OEM manufacturing engineers, technicians, and designers working on a prototype

It has always been more than just hardware to us. At HIPER Global, we serve as an extension of your team, bringing together a unique and fully bespoke suite of OEM manufacturing solutions, technologies, services, and support.

With manufacturing facilities in the UK, US, Europe, and Middle East, a product designed with local resources can be built and shipped anywhere. This way, we promote end-to-end flexibility throughout solution design, meeting, if not exceeding, your performance, delivery, and cost targets:

  • Aligning product development with your business strategy and goals
  • Collaborating on engineering change proposals and requests
  • Creating and maintaining detailed and accurate documentation for system builds
  • Developing work instructions and process checklists
  • Enhancing manufacturability, testability, reliability, and maintainability
  • Implementing application-specific configuration control plans
  • Maximizing product development efficiencies and streamlining the route to market
  • Utilising design tools and resources that accelerate your product into production
For more information about our services and products please reach out to our Sales Team.