Media and Broadcast

Empowering creatives and inspiring audiences

A behind-the-scenes shot of virtual production stage with huge LED screens and AR/XR technology

Configured and integrated in-house here at HIPER Global, our virtual production, AR, XR, and media server solutions empower creatives to transform their visual experiences.

Our knowledgeable team combine production-ready technologies with powerful software engineering, creating pixel-perfect outputs for a variety of mediums. If we do not have an off the shelf product that fits your needs, we can design a custom solution that meets your every requirement. Our media and broadcast platforms can help create:

  • Asset editing, finishing, playout, and delivery
  • Digital audio mixing/processing for recording or broadcast
  • Digital content monitoring
  • Encoding and decoding
  • Image processing and production
  • Media servers
  • NAS/RAID 19” servers
  • Video walls and controllers
  • Virtual production platforms for AR, XR, and VR

Exclusively at HIPER Global

Designed by our expert engineers in partnership with Matrox Graphics; the NIVO and EVS deliver next-generation performance for a variety of applications and footprints.

NIVO Quad 4K Multiviewer

Based on the concept of “Network In, Video Out”, the NIVO decodes IP streams and outputs them to 4 separate 4K displays.

The NIVO Quad 4K Multiviewer from HIPER Global

EVS Video Wall System

Designed in-house at HIPER Global; get one step ahead with the power and versatility of the EVS video wall range.

An EVS video wall system and media server from HIPER Global

Embedded Box Systems

GPU-optimised Servers

RAID Servers

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