Advanced Engineering

Going far beyond the hardware specifications

A shot of computer components and hardware engineering tools on a table

At HIPER Global we offer much more than your typical hardware engineering services – we’re here to support your products and projects through their entire lifecycle!

Our team’s vast knowledge reaches around the world and across many verticals and industries. We provide a hands-on, in-depth, and proactive approach to your engineering struggles, diagnosing the problem and tailoring a solution to your needs. Whether off-the-shelf or custom-made, we offer everything you need:

  • Branding options including silkscreening, embossing, and laminating
  • Custom backplanes and cooling solutions
  • Custom BIOS and imaging configurations
  • Documentation and packaging
  • Engineering change management
  • Machining and metalwork design
  • Ruggedised products for extreme environmental needs
  • Specialised enclosures for unique footprint requirements
  • Unique certifications including shock, vibration, thermal and EMI
For more information about our services and products please reach out to our Sales Team.