RMA Policy

[RMA Policy – Updated: November 2022]

1.0 – Purpose

1.1 – HIPER Global UK has established the following guidelines to give you the best support and shortest turnaround time possible.

2.0 – Warranty

2.1 – HIPER Global UK intends to fulfil customer’s demands in post-sales support. As a consequence, all manufacturers warranties will be passed through or assigned to the client under the terms offered by the manufacturer. In addition, it may be possible for the client to purchase additional warranty periods.

2.2 – There are a number of exceptions not covered by warranty which may include misuse, accidental damage, non-recommended usage and any other problems excluded by the warranty.

3.0 – Repair Process

3.1 – Obtaining an RMA Number

3.1.1 – Registered – When requesting an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number, please access our RMA portal and describe the problems encountered in detail on the “Repair Information Form” (descriptions such as “does not work” and “failure” can cause some delays in the repair). Please describe in detail the application environment, configuration, and problems encountered. – Lack of error description may cause a NFF (No Fault Found) situation. NFF repairs will cause a minimum repair charge see 3.1.2. If you are uncertain about the cause of the problem, please contact HIPER Global UK on 0118 929 4990. We may be able to find a solution that does not require sending the product for repair.

3.1.2 – No Fault Found – If no fault is found then there will be a minimum repair charge of £62.50. Delivery back to the client will be chargeable to the client.

3.1.3 – Non-registered Partners or End Users – Please send goods direct to HIPER Global UK, including a description (see 3.2), a detailed error report, a copy of the invoice in case of warranty, complete address, PO number, contact person, and telephone number. You will receive an RMA Order Receipt with an RMA Number. Please use this RMA number for future support communications.

3.2 – Returning the Product for Repair

3.2.1 – After you have completed and returned the “Repair Information Form”, please send us the faulty product, without accessories (manuals, cables etc). Remove any unnecessary components from the card, such as CPUs, ROM or DRAM. If you include these parts (because you believe they may be part of the problem), note clearly that they are included. Otherwise, we cannot be responsible for their return. Make sure the automatically generated delivery note is enclosed.

3.2.2 – If the item has been used for medical purposes, you will be required for provide a certificate of decontamination. If this is not provided, HIPER Global UK has sole unfettered discretion to reject the package at goods in/receiving stage where the item will then be returned unrepaired and all shipping fees will be chargeable to the client.

3.2.3 – Ship the parts by your forwarder. The customer will bear the shipping charges, and HIPER Global UK will bear the return charges. Attach an invoice to the carton. To save handling time, customers should address the parts directly to the RMA Department and mark “Attn. RMA Department” on the package. Please use original or correct packaging.