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With decades of experience across embedded, connected, and cloud deployments, our rack integration specialists have the knowledge, confidence, and insight to support all phrases of your data centre project. 

Built to specification with enterprise-grade, full service servers and storage at the core, we offer a single source and route to market, guaranteeing best-in-class infrastructure for medium- and large-scale private clouds, computer clusters, and software defined systems.


Secure and scalable; our server solutions are built to precise specifications, ensuring every facet of their design is tuned for delivery. From single unit deployments in-the-field to site-wide installations, you can rest assured knowing your infrastructure will play its part in your successes.


Transformations require fuel and with our storage solutions, you'll have everything you need to adapt and scale to ever-changing goals and objectives. Leverage our experience and knowledge, and redefine the role storage plays in your ecosystem, ensuring it's ready for the road ahead.


From edge to core to cloud - the trifecta of modern networking topologies - however sometimes it's not always enough. Whether it's maintaining connections across multiple sites or boosting performance within your data centre, our rack integration specialists have everything you need.


All of our rack integrations are built to exceed expectations, ensuring you have everything you need to continue growing and innovating. Discuss your requirements with a team - simply fill in the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
Backed by HIPER Global’s comprehensive portfolio of hardware and software services, your engineering teams can thrive with renewed freedom to advance your core product and mission.
HIPER Global - The Power to Outperform

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