HIPER Global helps deliver NVIDIA’s Israel-1 supercomputer

November 30, 2023


Reading – November 30, 2023 – HIPER Global, a leader in designing and delivering proprietary, application-specific computing solutions, announced today that it has executed a compute cluster implementation contract that encompasses the provision of server infrastructure, testing, and integration services for the NVIDIA Israel-1 AI supercomputer.

Based in Israel; the hyperscale AI supercomputer leverages Dell Technologies PowerEdge XE9680 servers with the NVIDIA HGX™ H100 GPU platform and the new NVIDIA Spectrum-X Ethernet networking platform. This high-performance Ethernet architecture is specifically designed for generative AI workloads, facilitating the transition to AI and accelerated computing in data centres. This project is the first in the world to combine Dell’s brand-new and unique offering with NVIDIA’s newest generation of connectivity, including BlueField-3 SuperNICs and Spectrum-4 Ethernet switches.

The delivery and integration was completed by HIPER Global within an estimated 30 days – a record pace! Under the terms of the agreement, HIPER Global provided a comprehensive set of services, including:

  • First-time integration, tuning, and setup of NVIDIA BlueField-3 SuperNICs with Dell’s platforms
  • Pre-delivery performance tuning and benchmarking
  • Integration, assembly, and verification
  • On-site server deployment and support services at NVIDIA’s data centre site

To meet this exceptionally complex timeline, HIPER Global deployed its state-of-the-art test and deployment automation platform for streamlining processes, minimising risks, and improving quality. This process used quality control software to inspect and install both hardware and software components.

“Israel-1 is a large-scale initiative to drive AI innovation in Israel and globally,” said HIPER Global CEO Shahaf Shrager. “HIPER Global’s role in this remarkable initiative is a testament to our proven track record in designing and delivering complex, purpose-built computing solutions for companies at the forefront of technology.”

“The OEM Solutions department at Dell is proud to be a part of this important project and feels grateful for this fruitful, pro-innovation collaboration with HIPER Global and NVIDIA,” said Ofer Vaknin, Director of Defense Industry and Edge Solutions at Dell Technologies. “As a leader in technology, it is important to us at Dell OEM to capitalise upon the vast experience in the field and provide the necessary infrastructure, senior engineers, and logistic systems needed for the success of this project. Our collaboration with HIPER Global makes it possible to deliver this innovative solution in a very short period of time and to provide for all customer needs.”

“As one of the world’s fastest AI supercomputers, Israel-1 is poised to drive breakthroughs in research and science in Israel and globally,” said Gilad Shainer, Senior Vice President of Networking at NVIDIA. “Working with HIPER Global’s technical, operational, and manufacturing teams, we were able to complete the first phase of development of this powerful system two months ahead of schedule.”

About HIPER Global

For over 30 years, HIPER Global has provided OEMs and ISVs with application-specific computing hardware solutions from design to delivery. The company operates in Israel, USA, Germany, and the UK, offering a full range of world-class hardware platforms and related technical services. Working with industry-leading manufacturers to deliver custom or commercial off-the-shelf computing products; HIPER Global’s value-added services include product design, turnkey manufacturing, custom rugged solutions, global operations, and support, allowing customers to focus on their core competencies and meet product scheduling deadlines.


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