HIPER Global chosen to receive prestigious AMD Elite Partner title

June 12, 2023


Reading, UK, June 2023 – HIPER Global, a global leader in designing and delivering proprietary application-specific computing solutions, announced today is has been certified within AMD’s highest partner tier and has been granted the “AMD Elite Partner” title.

AMD Partner Program - Elite

AMD Elite Partner status enables HIPER Global to access future AMD-based technology solutions ahead of the entire marketplace, providing customers with exclusive access to AMD technology roadmaps, samples, and future products, as well as optimising their product development pipelines for the next 6 to 10 years.

In Q4 2022, AMD launched their advanced fourth-generation EPYC™ processors, enabling HIPER Global to offer high-performance computing capabilities for a variety of industries, including exceptional performance for cloud, enterprise, and HPC workloads.

EPYC™ processors offer cutting-edge security features with up to 96 cores for multi-level physical and virtual security, and a doubled number of encryption keys compared to previous generations. The new generation, known as Genoa, is manufactured with 5-nanometer lithography and based on the new Zen 4 core architecture. Along with AVX512 compatibility, AMD EPYC™ processors power the most energy-efficient x86 servers

The AMD Elite Partner title becomes the third top-level partnership held by HIPER Global as part of its strategic collaborations with global technology leaders including Intel’s Titanium and NVIDIA’s Elite Partner statuses.

“With early access to future technologies, customers can effectively plan the development process of their next-generation products with more confidence and efficiency, enabling them to gain a competitive advantage in the markets they operate in” said Saar Blitz, Corporate Technologies Vice President at HIPER Global.

About HIPER Global

For over 30 years, HIPER Global has provided OEMs and ISVs with application-specific computing hardware solutions that encompass the entire production lifecycle, from design to delivery. With facilities in the UK, US, Europe, and the Middle East, HIPER Global offers the benefits of local production, supply chain support, and logistical operations on a global level. Value-add services include IP-specific product design, turnkey manufacturing, global supply chain logistics, and end-to-end support, freeing up resource and providing customers with the focus and flexibility to fuel innovation and accelerate time to market. HIPER Global is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.