HIPER Global and Canonical announce new Partnership

June 16, 2023


Reading, UK, June 2023 – HIPER Global, a designer, manufacturer, and supplier of application-specific computing solutions, and Canonical, the manufacturer of the Ubuntu Linux distribution and provider of a variety of open-source products and support services, announced today a new partnership.

HIPER Global has partnered with Canonical as part of its ongoing efforts to provide their worldwide customers with the latest and greatest value-added services. These include a subscription to security fixes, long-term support services for the Ubuntu Linux distribution, and advanced Canonical products embedded in HIPER Global solutions. Among these are private cloud infrastructure products, virtualisation components, centralised management systems, and supported versions of Kubernetes for products produced by HIPER Global.

The Ubuntu Pro subscription will also provide HIPER Global’s customers with security updates and fixes for the operating system and common applications, support from experts, and access to Canonical’s extensive knowledge base. Canonical’s Ubuntu Linux distribution is the most popular Linux distribution for servers, IoT devices, development systems, and cloud computing, with access to tens of thousands of common software packages from the open-source community. For companies based on the Kubernetes platform, it is now possible to obtain supported and secure Kubernetes systems that are easy to embed and are available at a competitive price.

Shahaf Shrager, CEO of the HIPER Global Group: “We warmly welcome the collaboration with Canonical. We believe in creating long-term partnerships with our customers, and the partnership with Canonical is part of HIPER Global’s ongoing commitment to innovation and delivering high value to our customers. The rich experience and professional knowledge we have gained from hundreds of projects in various industries allows us to increase our ability to assist and support our customers’ technological infrastructure, providing them with ongoing security updates for the core of their products, operating system support, and other advanced software products from Canonical.”

About HIPER Global

For over 30 years, HIPER Global has provided OEMs and ISVs with application-specific computing hardware solutions that encompass the entire production lifecycle, from design to delivery. With facilities in the UK, US, Europe, and the Middle East, HIPER Global offers the benefits of local production, supply chain support, and logistical operations on a global level. Value-add services include IP-specific product design, turnkey manufacturing, global supply chain logistics, and end-to-end support, freeing up resource and providing customers with the focus and flexibility to fuel innovation and accelerate time to market. HIPER Global is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.